Crochet Pattern Giveaway One Person Wins FOUR!!!!

What better way to celebrate the last day of the week than having a giveaway!!!  As a thank you to everyone for always showing me such great support I am going to do a draw for 4 four free patterns.
All you need to do is post below your four favorite patterns - you will not be held to this selection if you win just list the ones you like now:)
The winner will be selected Sunday night!


Robyn said...

I love your patterns! My favorite 4 are:
Crossed Cluster Beanie with Rose
Bunny Hat
Slouchy Pompom Hat
Crossed Cluster Cloche

Jacquelyn said...

How does one possibly pick just four?!?!

I'd have to say of the ones I've made so far - my 4 favorites are:
Floppy Fuzzy Bunny Hat
Aviator Hat
Sock Monkey Hat
Dino Hat

Seriously - making us choose just 4 is criminal!!!!!

-A Lil' Loopy

Dana said...

I love all your patterns !If I had to choose 4 it would be :
Crossed Cluster Beanie
Sock Monkey Hat
Bunny Hat
Slouchy Pompom Hat

This could change any minute ! LOL

scharbonneau717 said...

Crossed Cluster Sunhat with Rose, Tiny Textures Newsboy Cap, Buddy Bear Hat with Flower, Sweet Scalloped Beanie Pattern...thanks!

Janet said...

The owl, the buddy bear, aviator, and chunky monkey!

cherished-moments said...

My fav is the aviator, followed closely by the newsboy, with easter nearly here the bunny has to be on the list! and last but not least the owl :O)

VictoriaV said...

I learned to crochet with a book and your patterns. :) It's hard to choose just 4, so I have 5. Sweet scalloped beanie, crossed cluster newsboy, swirly newsboy, classic earflap (12mo-adult), and tiny textures diaper cover. Thanks for the giveaway!

Becky said...

I love all your patterns!! Have you used them in my photograhphy often!
My top 4 (today) are:
Striped Elf Hat
Crossed Cluster Beanie with Rose
Mystic Owl
Floppy Fuzzy Bunny Hat

So cute!!

CozyCoz Crochet said...

Of the ones I have made...Love the tiny textures, mystic owl, hooded cocoon & sock monkey. Others I am eyeballing..hanging pod with the seat belt, crossed clusters newsboy, nubby newsboy :)

Um..I like all your patterns :)

Melanie said...

What a fun giveaway!
A few of my favorite patterns include
The Nubby Newsboy hat
Sweet Scalloped Beanie
Loveable Lamb
Floppy Fuzzy bunny

So cute!!!


Ashley Wiley said...

I love all the patterns from Speckled Frog but my favorites are crossed cluster newsboy, aviator, tiny textures newsie, and floppy bunny.

angela said...

Choosing four is really hard! I love them all. Here goes lol.

Swirly Newsboy Cap
Scalloped Crossed Cluster Beanie
Fuzzy-Wuzzy Teddy Bear Hat
Tiny Textures Newsboy Cap

There are so many more lol

Rachel said...

Love your patterns...if I have to choose, and it is hard, my faves would be sock monkey, floppy fuzzy bunny,large baby hammock, swirly newsboy cap

Robyn said...

I LOVE your patterns - they are just so fun!
I just finished making a Dinosaur hat using your pattern, have also used the tiny textures diaper cover (which I just saw that you made and put together in one listing - too cute!) Can't wait to use the Bouquet Beanie (bought this one but haven't tried it yet) and would LOVE to try my hand at one of your beautiful cocoons. My brother is a photographer and keeps asking me when I'm going to make one for him!

Shelly said...

aviator, newsboy, cocoon and of course my very favorite - the sock monkeys!

Mike, Brandy and Kids said...

Love your patterns!!
dinosaur hat, cross cluster sunhat with rose, buddy bear hat with flower, tiny textures diaper cover.

Jennifer said...

My four favorites would be:
Tiny Textures Newsboy
Lovable Lamb Hat
Newborn Hooded Cocoon
Sweet Scalloped Beanie

Love your patterns!

prettyteeth26 said...

I want to win the:
Buddy bear hat
Dino hat
Floppy-ear puppy hat
Sock Monkey hat

Lindsey said...

How can I pick only four? I love them all! My absolute favorites are... the buddy bear hat, the Dino hat, crossed cluster newsboy hat, and the sock monkey hat.

BarefootTams said...

My current favorites are the dinosaur, nubby aviator, scalloped crossed cluster beanie, striped elf hat. My favorites change everytime I look at your shop, I love them all!


Ewe 'N' Me Boutique said...

Dino hat
Striped Elf hat
Stitch In Time Newsboy
Tiny Textures Newsboy....

If I win? I'll have three of your newsboys... haha

Alison said...

I love the Buddy Bear hat, the striped elf hat, the newborn hooded cocoon, and the crossed cluster beanie w/ rose. I have the pattern for the hooded cocoon, I just have yet to make it! I love your patterns!

Sara said...

How can I choose just 4?? :p

Let's see...
Fuzzy Wuzzy teddy bear hat
Dinosaur hat
Tiny textures newsboy hat
Mystic Owl hat.

Sara E. Photography

ashley said...

YAY! You're the best! My fav four are: Dino, Cross Cluster, Bouquet, Nubby :) crochetasmile@gmail.com

tinyryans said...

OK well i love all your work so if i win i will let you choose which patterns to send so that way it will be a even better surprise for me. I have several friends that are so happy i sent them your way. One is starting a photography business and the other is getting into this for a hobby. I would love to do this as well since i get to be a stay at home mommy. I loved your fuzzy bunny set and I am so happy to have it. My little girl gets compliments all the time.

Cortney said...

OH goodness...I'd have to say...

crossed cluster beanie
all the newsboys hats (I cannot pick just one!)

JodiLale said...

I already have some of your patterns and have been eyeing some more up. Thanks for having such a great giveaway, I love your stuff!!! The patterns I have been looking at are the dinosaur hat, the owl, the Crossed Cluster Newsboy Hat with Rose and oh my goodness the Floppy Fuzzy Bunny Hat! Good luck everyone.

Paul and Yolanda Koole said...

HOW NICE OF YOU! Your patterns are so awesome :D
I can't choose which I like best, but here's a few fave's
Tiny Textures Newsboy
Newborn Hooded Cocoon and
The adorable Loveable Lamb :)
Thanks for the opportunity!!!

Larisa said...

Ooh...I love the...
Crossed Cluster Sunhat
Dinosaur Hat
Newborn Hooded Cocoon
Duck Cap :)

Paige said...

Love all your patterns but my favs are: Crossed cluster beanie, cloche w/ bow, sock monkey, and the textured jester.

Heather said...

I love...in no particular order..
elephant ears
dinosaur hat
all the newsboys
and of course who would leave out the owl?!

Thanks for sharing with us all!

Kim Larsen Photography said...

My current favorites are:
hanging pod
diaper cover
buddy bear hat
scalloped beanie

(sorry about the previous post - I didn't realize my husband was logged into google until I already posted my comment, so I deleted the first comment & signed in under myself for this one)

These are the Stamps of Our Lives said...

You totally rock the patterns!!! and thanks for having another give-away... Fave four, eh?
sock monkey hat
dino hat
bouquet beanie
mystic owl hat

Jennifer said...

So hard to choose just four!! :) My favorites are: Buddy Bear Hat with Flower, Cocoon, Tiny Textures Newsboy Cap, and Fluffy Duckie Ear-Flap Hat...but truly I want them all!!! LOL! Thanks so much for an awesome give-away!

Megan said...

SO hard to choose!!! I love the Tiny Textures Newsboy, Scalloped beanie, Nubby Aviator hat, and the owl! Thanks for this opportunity! :)

Andrea said...

I love them all, but:
- Aviator
- Dino
- Fuzzy wuzzy bear
- Floppy bunny

Angela @ A Mama's Two Cents Worth... said...

I really enjoy your patterns, my fave four are:stictch in time newsboy, hooded cocoon, dino hat, and cluster beanie
Thanks for the chance, I hope I win.

Christene said...

I'm just new to crochet but have found your patterns easy to read and make...I love the sock monkey hat, the owl hat, the buddy bear hat and the aviator and can't wait to finish the patterns I've already purchased and order some more!!!!
Wonderful work thanks

whenlifesucks said...
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thebillings said...

Fluffy Ducky Hat
Spiral Newsboys Hat
Crossed Cluster B=anie with Rose Hat
Mystic Ow

Becky said...

Sock Monkey Hat
mystic owl hat
Newsboy (wear mine ALL the time)
Scalloped Crossed Cluster Beanie (so easy to work and fun - everyone loves them!)

Maria Wood said...

You do such a good job with your pattern I love them. Every time I make one of your hats I get tons of compliments.
These are the ones i have made so far:
Crossed clustered cloche w/ Rose
nubby aviator hat
crossed clustered newsboy w/ rose
swirly scallopped beanie
hooded cacoon

Heather said...

I love your patterns! My current favorites are:

- Floppy Fuzzy Bunny Hat
- Sock Monkey
- Newborn Hammock
- Owl

Heidi said...

There's my pick!
-Texture newsboy
-Buddy bear hat

The Crane's said...

I love love love your patterns!!! My favorites are...
-Tiny Texture Newsboy
-Mystic Owl
-Cross Cluster Newsboy
-Dino Hat

I get so many compliments on all of the hats I've made :)

Paskey Photography said...

Love your patterns/products!!!! On my list that I have not purchased yet are the striped elf hats,Crossed Cluster Newsboy Hat with Rose,Textured Jester Hat with Pompoms and Nubby Newsboy Cap....
Love that you do GIVEAWAYS... what a great way to promote business... you are one of my favs on etsy!

Daisy said...

I love so many of your patterns but the ones I've worked with the most so far are
Sock Monkey
Cross Cluster Newsboy
bear/monkey hat

df5e81aa-6774-11e0-b6f8-000bcdcb5194 said...

I am new to crocheting because I fell in love with your patterns and I wanted the hats for my kids! LOL My fav 4 are

-floppy bunny hat
-Nubby Newsboy hat
-Tiny Textures Newsboy Cap
-Scalloped Crossed Clusters

weiler_danielle said...

I love
owl hat
textured visor hat
textured jester hat
hanging pod photography prop

Bethany said...

LOVE the monkey and the owl and the Dino! And the puffy slouchy hat with the big rose!!

Tanya Coffey said...

Hard to pick four so i had to list five but I love ....
owl hat
newsboy tiny textures
dinosaur hat
the sock monkey hat
and the buddy bear :)

Crystal said...

Mystic Owl Hat
Slouchy Pompom Hat
Crossed Cluster Newsboy Hat with Rose
Elegant Neck Warmer/Capelet

But really I love all of them!


BowDacious.Bows said...

I love all your patterns but if I had to choose, the hanging pod photo prop, hammocks, textued visor, and the fluffy duckie!

Because of Leah said...

I have several of your patterns and I love everyone of them!! My other favorites are:
Scalloped crossed cluster beanie
mystic owl! ;) Thanks!
Jaimie Bell

elizabithroze said...

crossed cluster cloche, cloche with bow, the dinosaur hat, and the crossed cluster sunhat are my top faves. SUCH cute models you have too!!

66edd448-6790-11e0-bc51-000bcdcb471e said...

Hi! Great idea ~ love giveaways especially crochet patterns. Ladybug, bunny hat, dinosaur, lovable lamb. Tks.

Bri M said...

My other post didn't take so...

My top four are:
Monkey Hat with Flower
Jester Hat with Pom
Fuzzy Bunny
Swirl Newsboy

Thanks for the opportunity!

sxxygrrl said...

They are all so adorable!
But to pick only 4....
Tiny Textures Newsboy Cap
Swirly Newsboy Cap
Crossed Cluster Beanie with Rose
Bouquet Beanie
Thanks! :)

Victoria said...

Hi, I have purchased some patterns from you & I love the finished products, so cute.
The people above are right, it is very difficult to choose only 4.
Because I have to choose only 4, here are mine:
Banquet, Buddy Bear, Nubby Aviator & Sweet Scalloped Beanie
I will be placing another order in the very near future.
Keep up the good work.

Sue said...

Love all your patterns and I have my eye on these patterns:

Fuzzy bear
Floppy fuzzy bunny
Floppy-ear puppy
Cross-cluster newsboy

Gramma Rita said...

Thanks for the chance to win. :D

Love all of your patterns, but at this very moment these are my four top faves:
Slouchy Pom Pom hat
Nubby Aviator Hat
Fast and Easy Diaper cover
Bouquet Beanie

66edd448-6790-11e0-bc51-000bcdcb471e said...

I will try again. I love the:
bunny hat
lovable lamb
Giveaways a great idea! tks. for your patterns and ideas!! Terry

Jennifer said...

Love your patterns!
Crossed cluster beanie
Lovable lamb
Fuzzy bunny
Chunky mouse/monkey

MommyofMady said...

I love the:
buddy bear hat with flower
crossed cluster newsboy
tiny textures newsboy
scalloped crossed cluster beanie

I'm so excited to get the patterns I just ordered. Great projects for a rainy weekend.

SVG1987 said...

Crossed Cluster Beanie with flower
Bouquet Beanie
Striped Elf Hat
Nubby Aviator

That was hard to choose just 4!! Love your work

Josy- j0si@live.com said...

I love all of your patterns.
My top 4 are:
Nubby Aviator
Mystic Owl
Sock Monkey
Wuzzy Teddy Bear

Brianne said...

Sock monkey
fuzzy bunny
dino hat
any newsboy

lifebythecreek said...

Just four? Hmm...
Sock Monkey
Fuzzy bunny
Mystic Owl
But the list could go on and on...

Brenda said...

I already own (and have crochet) several of your patterns- great designs!

dino hat
bouquet beanie
elephant hat
of the ones I've made, I love, love, love the duck hat!!!

Jennifer said...

I'm new, but I love them all!
Aviator hat
Diaper cover
Sweet beanie

Thanks for your hard work!

Cynthia Allen said...

I love the sock monkey hat, the duck hat and the bunny hat! The hammock is so cute too.

joyfullhomemaker said...

i love your patterns, i use them all the time!
mystic owl
dino hat
cossed cluster newsboy
sock monkey

Nicole said...

I love love love your mystic owl, tiny texture newsboy, dinosaur hat, swirly newsboy ... Thanks for the opportunity! - Nicole seaman

Amanda S said...

I LOVE your patterns! I would love:
Floppy bunny hat
Mystic Owl
Buddy bear hat
Tiny textures newsboy cap

Truly Blessed said...

I love your Crossed Cluster Sunhat with rose, fluffy duckie earflap hat, sock monkey hat, and bouquet beanie

A said...

I already have a few, so my next favorites are:

Monkey Hat with Flower
Lovable Lamb Hat
Spotted Pompom Hat
Newborn Hooded Cocoon

Holly Hamm said...

I love your patterns as well. They always fit great!

The 4 I would love are:
Bulky Newsboys Hat
Hanging Pod/Sling
Crossed Cluster Beanie with Rose
Buddy Bear Hat with Flower

Suzanne said...

I love the textures you have in your patterns. crossed clutser with rose, elephant, newsboy, the owl and those are all patterns I already have :)

leslie said...

i love you patterns, i hope i win :)

the patterns id love to receive:
1)Dinosaur Hat
2)Nubby Aviator Hat
3)Newborn Hooded Cocoon
4)Mystic Owl Hat

Goldibug said...

My top four are:
Childs Slouchy Brimmed Newsboy Cap
Dinosaur Hat
Buddy Bear Hat with Flower
Sock Monkey Hat

chris said...

Sunhat with Rose
The buddy bear
Or whichever you would choose......I love them all!!

k1sewtoo said...

Cute patterns!

classic earflap hat
nubby aviator hat
swirly newsboy cap
fuzzy-wuzzy teddy bear hat

(Sorry if this is my second post... the first one popped up an error!)

ShelleyBp said...

I love the selection of 4 that you display at the beginning of this blog. The 1st set, I have them all except for the bunny.
I LOVE and would love to make the second set of 4 patterns on this blog, but already have the diaper cover pattern. I LOVE your patterns.

needlekrafter said...

oh my goodness, they are ALL so beautiful, but if I had to pick my four favorites, i'd pick...
fuzzy wuzzy teddy bear
bunny hat
mystic owl hat
bouquet beanie
what a wonderful chance to win these beautiful patterns! thank you. :)

Nikki Hickey said...

i wold have to go with
the Owl your elegant shrug tiny newbron newsboy and the the newborn hooded cocoon

Kelly @livingcraftilyeverafter said...

I would go with the:

newborn cocoon
bouqet beanie

What a fun giveaway!!


Yani said...

I love them all but the ones I like the most are :)

Sun hat :)

crochetinmama said...

There are so many patterns that i love! I like all of the newsboy hats, dino, owl, sunhat and I cant wait to purchase your newest patter!
Thanks for the great giveaway!

Julie said...

I LOVE your patterns!!! Four of my favorites are Crossed cluster beanie with rose, sock monkey, texture newsboy, and scalloped crossed cluster beanie. Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us!!!

gioeli2010 said...

I have several patterns from you.
My four favorites would be:
Tiny Textures Newsboy
Lovable Lamb Hat
Newborn Hooded Cocoon
Sweet Scalloped Beanie

Katherine said...

Picking just 4 is very hard to do, I love all of your patterns and have several already!!!
Here are my picks:
Crossed Cluster Beanie with Rose
Bunny Hat
Slouchy Pompom Hat
Crossed Cluster Cloche

Pammy's Chat said...

I've purchase some of your patterns and love them. Eeek...only 4. Hmmm...here goes.

Nubby aviator
Newsboy cap
Buddy Bear hat
Bouquet beanie

Pamela M

jemassey said...

I love all of your patterns...and they are so easy to follow!
-Newsboy Hat with Rose
-Scalloped Beanie
-Dinosaur Hat
-Tiny Textured Newsboy

Elizabeth said...

LOVE your patterns - love that they are SO well written and they are adorable when finished!

Crossed Cluster Beanie
Tiny Textures Newsboy
Mystic Owl
Bloomin' Lily

Cathy W said...

I LOVE the Stitch in Time Newsboy, Crossed cluster newsboy, the swirly newsboy, and the chunky monkey. Awesome work - love your patterns!

Kimmartha said...

I too have purchased some of your patterns - and I love them!! You are a very talented lady ;D

My top 4 would be:
crossed cluster beanie with rose
dinosaur hat
crossed cluster newsboy with rose
spotted pom pom hat

Tutus & Tea Parties said...

I love your shop! I made my daughter the bunny hat I purchased from you! So adorable! I would love to try these patterns:

Sweet Scalloped Beanie
Crossed Cluster Newsboy Hat
Floppy-Ear Puppy Hat
Large Baby Hammock

So hard to choose!


ramona b said...

I have most of them, but i'm sure I can find four in I won!

Hanging Pod Sling / Cocoon with Flower
Crossed Cluster Beanie with Rose
Mystic Owl Hat
Elegant Neck Warmer/Capelet

love them all!


Angie said...

Only because I HAVE to pick, the Owl, the sock monkey, crossed cluster beanie, and the baby duck. I love them...they are so easy to follow.

CraftyCreations said...

Love all your patterns
If I were to choose Id say:


Not an easy choice to pick only four when you like them all :)

Melanie E

Kristine said...

ALL of them! :) But the current 4 I would get are: textured jester, dinosaur, mystic owl, sock monkey, But that's because I all ready purchased the top 4 I needed or just HAD to HAVE! ;)

Ill Communication said...

Super cute stuff! My favorites thus far are: Jester Hat with Pom Poms, Sock Monkey, Buddy Bear, & Floppy Fuzzy Bunny! Cute! Cute! Cute!

MarlaB said...

Tiny Textures Newsboy Cap
Crossed Cluster Newsboy Hat with Rose
beginner Bear Hat with Flower
Scalloped Crossed Cluster Beanie with Rose