The Ever Popular Chin Strap Hat - Made Easy!!!

You see them everywhere, they are super popular and super cute.  Did you know they are super easy to make too?

Do you already have a favorite pattern for a beanie that calls for super bulky yarn?  

Here is what you do! 

Instead of fastening off after the last round join with a slip stitch.  Chain until it reaches about 6-7 inches.
Make sure that you have a button small enough to fit through your stitches of the hat, but large enough that it will stay done up.  

Sew the button to the outside side of the strap - when doing it up make sure the strap goes to the inside - this way it will always look clean and is easily adjusted to fit many little noggins!

VOILA There you have it.

Need a pattern?  Here a few that can get you started!


Ewe 'N' Me Boutique said...

This is great! Thanks!

Elisabeth S. said...

Thanks for sharing this! I'd been looking in the buying a pattern with chin strap! Now I don't have to :)

Shelly said...

Do you sc back on the chains? It looks thicker in the photo. I was going to buy one too! Thanks!

speckledfrogcrochet said...

No just dc along the chain. It is probably the yarn:)