Need Help on Etsy - Check out the hidden gem I found!

Just a little while ago was contact by Natalie from MoxieTonic.  She was wondering if I would do an interview for her blog. Well of course!  What I didn't realize at the time Natalie (also a customer) was a wealth of knowledge about marketing and was starting her own journey to helping people.

I poked around her blog after she had done my post and kept finding little gems here and there, and soon learned she had great plans to help people.  I purchased a few custom buttons FOR $1.00 that came with a tutorial on how to use them check them out!

I wanted to take a little time to introduce you to Natalie I think she has great ideas and a great heart.  So thank you Natalie for not only making me sound so darn good - but for taking the time to share your knowledge with so many of us who can learn from you.


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