Crochet Newsboy Cap Video Tutorial

WOW! Making this video tutorial was certainly a learning experience:)  I was thinking no problem whip the hat up in a couple of hours and away we go!  

What I wasn't counting on was the interruptions forgetting where I was, knocking over the camera,  verbal blunders and then of course out right errors when I was talking ie: saying the wrong round - and then of course the curse words that followed when I realized I had done that.

I now know how to dub over videos, slice it up into pieces, add "annotations", and now realize that something you might think will take only a few hours can turn into days.  In the long run... totally worth it and excited to do more.  

Please share this link with anyone you know who keeps saying "I want to learn to crochet" I would love to hear feed back because anything I can do to help make things easier I want to do.

The full pattern can be found here, make sure you read it over and have all the materials on hand.
So ready?  Here we go... This video had to be divided into 3 parts to upload so here they are in order.

Have fun:)





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