I posted on my Facebook page a few weeks back wondering what people would like me to design next.  "Neck Warmer" won hands down.  I love neck warmers.  For the most part they are easy to design, easy to make and an essential here in the winter.

The first thing I think of when designing something new is what stitch to use.  Anyone who has been with me throughout the years knows I am all about texture.  My mom was a knitter and I always envied the beautiful stitches she would produce with her needles.  So it is my goal to do as much crochet with beautiful textures as I can.

Writing a pattern for me though is more than just using a different stitch.  It is about the drape of the final piece, ease of making, warmth, and of course time!  If I can pull off a larger hook I will always go for it when I can.  So with all this in mind, I have come up with my latest neck warmer design FREE TO YOU very soon!

The 11.50 mm hook give this otherwise stiff yarn a beautiful drape.

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