Hi Everyone I am so excited to announce that SPECKLED FROG CROCHET is changing its name to PRETTY DARN ADORABLE! 5 years ago when I started selling on Etsy I was focusing on childrens fashion only. Steve and I sat in the basement brainstorming name after name and came up with Speckled Frog Crochet - what we felt was cute, whimsical and representative of children. 

As the years passed I grew my business which included adding many new designs for adults and most recently clay items which became a huge chunk of my business through Facebook. More and more I started to feel that Speckled Frog Crochet was no longer a good fit for my business and was not a good representation of what my business was becoming. 

The new name PRETTY DARN ADORABLE, I feel is much more representative of what I want to share with you. More than just crochet, I want to share all my passions. Crochet will remain my main focus but I want to also share with you all I do: CROCHET, CLAY, PHOTOGRAPHY, LIFE WITH MY KIDS, things I really care about. 

Once I decided to change my name I had to decide if I would be keeping my Etsy store and Facebook page active as I made these changes. I have kept them active and have been sneaking in changes here and there.  Some of you may have already notice the change to my Etsy name, my Facebook name change is scheduled to happen tomorrow and my new blog has been started. I am now also available on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and I am currently working on my new Youtube channel. 

Once my blog is all set up I will be announcing all specials, giveaways and free patterns on my blog PRETTY DARN ADORABLE . Be sure to “Follow By Email” to receive any offers directly into your email box. This is really the only way to be sure you don’t miss out. You have all been the driving force behind my success and for this I am so thankful. I hope you will continue to support me as I venture out on this new and exciting path. 

Cyprianne xo

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